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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

How To Resume Failed Downloads On Operamini

Today i was trying to download a video of about 11 mb from you tube with Opera mini browser
my download was almost at 70% until i got this annoying Pop-up
saying "download failed".
My ISP here ain't user friendly when it comes to data subscription.
I was actually thinking of restarting my download, not until i remembered this simple old trick.
So lets start...

When downloading a file and it pop up "download fails",simply use any file browser (but i recomend X-plore)
,to locate the file.
And now and an alphabet before the file extension (e.g to infoguyA)

Now goto your opera browser > Downloads and restart the failed download
Once it starts simply pause it, now with your file browser locate the file you just paused
Delete it, goto the first file(the one you renamed) rename again, this time you will be removing the alphabet you added earlier.
Finally goto opera and resume your file Thats its :)  


  1. great trick bro, keep it up... :)

  2. Hey i download 140 mb file with opera mini mod 3 time i resume it and it is completed when i open it it is corrupted anybody help about this what can i do plzzzzzz help me it is very important for me tanx in advance