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Saturday, 21 April 2012

FreeRAM XP PRO 1.52

What is RAM? Random access memory or RAM most commonly refers to computer chips that temporarily store dynamic data to enhance computer performance. By storing frequently used or active files in random access memory, the computer can access the data faster than if it to retrieve it from the far-larger hard drive. The more stuff you do on your PC, the less your RAM becomes and your PC response begins to drop. FreeRAM XP Pro does the job of freeing your RAM, hence optimizing your computer’s performance.

Publisher’s Description: Freeware application to free and optimize your computer’s RAM (Random Access Memory), resulting in an increase in system performance and productivity. Automatically configures itself for ease of use and also features advanced options and customizability. FreeRAM XP Pro has been designed to be easy to use yet highly customizable by computer novices and experts alike.

Features and options include:
* Automatic, real-time memory monitoring and optimization
* Fast, threaded memory freeing with stop option
* AutoFree option intelligently optimizes RAM without sacrificing performance
* system metric and performance monitors
* Advanced tray support
* Memory reporting and diagnostic logging
* Simple, attractive interface
* RAM-cuts (RAM-freeing Windows shortcuts)
* Customizable Windows hotkey support
* Access to Windows memory-related tweaks that could enhance system performance (new in 1.50)
* Process memory usage reporting (new in 1.50)
* Unique memory compression technology directly reduces applications’ “working set” memory requirements instantly and without swap file usage (new in 1.50)
* More options and customizability

Size: 605KB
OS: Windows 95, Windows Me, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98
Requirement: No special requirement
License: freeware

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