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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

How to Open Applications if Menu is Unavailable

I have N78 and i implement this idea when i was changing my menu style to grid menu 4x5. Actually 4x5 grid menu patch doesn't work in N78. If you apply it, then you can not open your menu again. First i thought what the hell should i do now?
I wanted to open Rom Patcher to remove that 4x5 grid menu patch to get my menu back so i got an idea to open Rom Patcher without opening menu. Let me share it with you.


Security plates must be turned off to use this trick. :)

Now open xplore and goto
C: / sys / bin

You will see so many files in this folder, simply open you desired application by clicking on it.
For example
OperaMini.exe for Opera
IDesigner_0x011acc34.exe for Image Designer
JARBoom_0x130487ef.exe for Jar Boom
MobilHex_0xa0005346.exe for Hex Editor
and so...

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