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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Greatly Increase Your Virtual RAM

This makes your computer faster by using part of your HD space as virtual RAM. (Takes around a gigabyte of space,when initialized. but still speeds up your computer greatly!)

If your HD has less than 20GB of free space left then don't do this.

Alright, this is how you do it:

1. Right Click on "My Computer" icon and select "Properties".
2. Click on the Advanced tab.
3. Under Performance, click Settings.
4. Then click the Advanced tab on the button that pops up.
5. Under Virtual Memory at the bottom, click Change.
6. Click the Custom Size button.
7. For the initial size (depending on your HD space), type in anywhere from 1000-1500 (although i use 4000), and for the Maximum size type in anywhere from 2000-2500 (although i use 6000).

8. Click Set, and then exit out of all of the Windows.
9. Finally, restart your computer.
10. You now have a faster computer and 1-2gb of virtual RAM!
I did this personally and it worked great for me.

Good Luck :)


  1. I have a 1.5gig can I go higher the 4000/6000?