Saturday, 28 April 2012

How To Make A Simple Text Reflection In Photoshop

Hey guys, i will show you how i make my text reflections in adobe photoshop.
This is our final Image.

                                             Firstly type in your text with your text tool.

Now duplicate the text layer by hitting (ctrl+j) or (comand+j) if you are on a mac, now you pick your free transform tool(ctrl+t), rightclick on the text and choose flip vertical (do all these to the duplicated text layer).

                            Finally, you add a layermask to your layer(ie brainrexCopy), pick your gradient tool
                             click and drag from the bottom of the(brainrexCopy) to the center of  your main text.

And thats is you can also reduce the opactiy, play with it...


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