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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

How To Change Windows 7 Boot/Logon Screen

Have you ever considered changing the logon screen of your windows seven laptop or desktop? Yeah i did consider it some time ago thats why i had to do some good researches which led to what i'm gonna show you here.

You can change this with a photo in your hard disk drive, I changed mine to mac osX logon screen despite the fact that i was running windows 7, you can also add a text to it so when you log on you see the text like password reminder,
Well i actually wrote a motivational text on mine.

1.Install Thoosje Logon Editor
2.Click on Backup: This function creates a restore point for your system incase something goes wrong so you can always do a sytem restore and end up with your former setup
3.After the backup Clickon browse to to search for the picture you want to set as your logon screen..
4.After Locating and opening it, On the Thoosje Logon Editor Gui Click on change background.
That's all Done
To check and see Press Ctrl + Alt + Del
Download Thoosje Logon Editor Here


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