Saturday, 12 May 2012

How To Retrive 2GO Password For Free

How to get your lost 2g0 password for free without paying a dime
This works for Nigerians, but you can try it in your country.

+ Visit 
+ Select country Kenya
+ Click on Download 2go/ Help
+ I forgot my Password
+ Now enter your Phone number with country code without the '+'
sign (e.g 234806xxxxxx)
+ Hit ok and Now your 2go password will be sent to you via SMS.


Absolute Freee
tnx for stoping by

Hello brain rex,I av problem wit buyin 2go credits cos I registered wit an incorrect fone number.Can u pls bear me out?Thanks.

@ Anon i dont think its possible for now
Thanks :)

Tnx dawg,,,u truly a luvly gee

pls i hv sent request via dis medium, & thru normal medium (i.e. N30 Per sms). And stil not receive any reply. What shuld i do pls brain rex.

Hi Isiah, I believe you have entered a wrong number in place of the number you registered with 2go. Here's another tip that works: 2go Detailed Info

Tankz, ¥♡̨̐υ̲̣̥ re a genius.

How can i get 2go credits 4 free and hw can i download 2go old version?

Nice one on 2go Tips wish it would work anyway

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