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How To Root Tecno n3 Android Phone

How to root Tecno n3 android phone.

ROOTING your phone is a proccess to gain "control" over your device, just like in the PC world getting an administrator rights. There are ups and downs in this process. For you to understand fully, you can search the google about rooting an android device. Then if you decide to Root your phone, then, it is your own choice. Do not blame me or anyone if something happen to your device while performing this method. Read the instruction carefully make sure you understand what you are doing and what will you do.
This warning means you are compromising your phone's security and warranty.

To gain root access, you have to perform the root method by installing POOT apk and MINISTRO II apk.
Download: Poot Tecno n3
Download: Ministro II library(from Google play store)
To ROOT your TECNO N3 is simple
Just install POOT apk to internal memory and run the apps. it will require you to install MINISTRO II, you'll get -error like "update minstro library", just update through google play store.
Then proceed again to the next step. After installing and updating all the libraries of QT, your phone will automatically reboot(or reboot manually)
You'll get two buttons
1. "press here to poot"
2. "built in root check
Click on the first button to poot and wait till you have 3 buttons
, That means you are now rooted.
You can now complete the process by downloading super user application from the play store
The author would like to thanks the following;
giantpune of androidforums
kenshita of xda developers
Ba-Ka Mnemonic for helping me(tecno n3)
If you have any questions please leave a comment below :)

 i will be posting more on tecno n3 stay tuned ;)


Tnx bro,it worked like a charm....GRACIAS

Mine not working:"A demon materialized while pooting.Error code:87
su binary was not written
you need to restart your device" is the message am getting every time i try to root using poot.What could be the problem?I have even tried Oneclick and still wont root.Please help.

not working foe mine yet after two days,3 factory resets and over 30 restarts. all i could get is a partial root and rootchecker says my n3 is not rooted yet .i followed the above instructions. need help. what do you do when you reach the stage your phone just vibrates and goes of.

dude...did same, at 1st it vibrated nd went off, then i did factory reset like twice...now it just says "su not written" done factory resets over nd over again nd same ish man. help us out bro

If phone vibrate n goes blank try this steps.
1- enable usb debuging
2- change location of install app to fone memory.
3- uninstall pook and ministro
4-reboot N3 and reinstall pook and ministro II
5-Make sure you have internet connection so as to update ministro binary
6-restart your N3 after the update
7-unmount sdcard and run pook
8-select the 1st option and wait. if pook display install superuser then u hv sucessfully root your N3.
If phone vibrate n goes blank then remove battery n put it back. power the fone, as soon as it shows instaling sdcard quickly run pook and n press the first option.

ok I it works now. I just ignore the not properly rooted result by rootchecker and installed superuser and that was it. Thank you

Make sure you have super user installed
And if you get an error log like :"A demon materialized while pooting.Error code:87
su binary was not written
you need to restart your device"
Reboot and keep trying
Good luck.

Thanx, it finally worked, patience is indeed a virtue.

I find it difficult to access my internal memory using the file explorer and ES explorer or even when it is connected to the laptop.I only can access the external sd. Hence cannot copy POOT file to it.
Pls help

Thanks it worked. so can i move the poot, ministro and superuser to the sd card. Will it affect anything?

so now that we can root N3. lets try and see if we can install custom roms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah you can uninstall only poot and ministro

D anyone of you has stock rom for N3?

Am I doomed? No luck for me, despite factory reset and countless reboots. Not really countless, about 50 reboots so far, still getting su binary was not written.

Coincidence or not, I kept getting "su binary was not written" until I removed one of the 2 sim cards. Once I removed one of the SIM cards and used only the other, then I get this sublime message : "I think I am root, therefore I am root".

Anyway, patience is a virtue.

Googling about Nandroid backup now ...

ive been trying to root my n3 since abt two weeks ago but not succesful, is it compulsory dat poot should be downloaded to phone memory shud i install ministro to phone memory too?

Please Help with Rooting of TECNO D3 pls.

You can try this method in your D3

Brainrex please i need tecno n3 stockrom or image.i brick my phone today is just restarting. thanks

I've been trying this for TECNO D3 it it gives me this error message:

2012 giantpune
[-] can't get a handle on it: -1 No such

file or directory

A demon materialised while pooting. Error

code: 18
su binary was not written

Pls Way forward.

@Adesoji Alabi sorry this method will not work for tecno D3
this root method works on old qualcomm gingerbread devices

@ Brain Rex, Thanks, But another problem i encountered on my device is that i did Factory Reset and it started giving me Invalid IMEI and wouldn't recognise any SIM. Pls any1 know about this type of issue? Help pls.

I would but say to you all "impressive information"
how to root android

My my phone went dead. Pls help!!!

I need tecno n3 recovery.img file plzzzzzzz any help... i tried flashing a custom recovery and now i cant boot back to recovery mood...!

@Samuel Quarshie get the recovery image @ hakskol.BlogSpot.com

@Samuel Download it here https://www.dropbox.com/s/feujdqfueccg9fi/romdump-brainrex.zip

pls sir, i really enjoy reading ur post about rooting of tecno...but i need your help...can u pls mail me ur mtn phone number so that i can call u for very important stuff...dis my mail i.d obinacom1@gmail.com or sms to 08067577537 i will call u

pls do I need a computer to do dis rooting??

Brain Rex pls do I need a computer system to do this rooting for my tecno phone??

plz hw can i root ma galaxy touch pocket??....plz hlp

brainrex, tanx 4 ur fine posts. Pls how can i root my tecno d3? Any software?

Thanks Bro.
It Really work, am now using Blackberry subscription on my Tecno N3

pls help me root my tecno d3!!!!!!

@ brainrex, pls any hope 4 my d3?

Hi,does anyone have a custom recovery for this phone? or a zip that is installable with the stock recovery to repair system files for this phone? I'm stuck on bootloop...

Am alittle bit confused here. The ministro ii library to be downloaded is it Ministro ii or Ministro configuration tool 2?

@Brain Rex. God bless u ooo. I root my n3. D third day i bout it. More gres. 2 ur elbow.

BrainRex tanx , i rooted my N3 following ur procedure witout any trouble , ,plzzzz can u help me out wit custom ROM dat will work perfectly wit N3 nd wit detail procedure on how to install d custom ROM on my N3 .
tanx hoping to hear frm u .GOD bless u keep doing d good work

I have gotten the stock ROM for my device tecno n3. The problem is when I tried to flash it I get an error:

E:Signature Verification Failed. Please Brain Rex can you help me with this

wow!!!! thanks i will continue to try it on my phone

Mine just worked now......... But I can't find your last screen shot no app like that on my phone.... Pls what will do after achieving the last screen shot.. Lucky

Would anyone be having the system.img for this phone? I only have the TAR format and it seems difficult to use it.
It gives me this error on fastboot

C:\Windows\system32>fastboot flash system C:\Users\user\Downloads\romdump-brainrex_tecno_N#\system.tar
sending 'system' (125459 KB)...
OKAY [ 31.367s]
writing 'system'...
FAILED (remote: flash write failure)
finished. total time: 55.348s

Please help :(

Hi, I kinda semi-bricked my tecno n3, I currently need a system.img file for the phone to flash via fastboot but after weeks of searching and trying to create one I found none and the ones I made ended up with
FAILED (remote: flash write failure)
in fastboot… would you be having a solution to it or try running the commands in the link below to get the system.img from the phone from this link then upload them maybe to dropbox


or if you can, create a custom recovery with the instructions given in the link it will be great
Really waiting for a response, thanks in advance

Pls if I root my N3,can I then increase the Internal memory to like say 1G?Pls, how?Pls if I need links for download,send it with the response.
THANKS so much.

BrainRex...pls i need stock ROM for my device tecno n3...drop the link pls...i deleted all the system app on the internal memory by mistake...pls, how can i solve this...reply quickly...thanks...

You'll need to get the system.img file so that you can flash it via fastboot. Get someone with a rooted phone and do as the following link suggests
or a further explained procedure

pls my n3 keep restarting pls how can i fix dis.i tried the dump rom u gave{brainrex}but it said signature failed.

Please create the system.img as the following link suggests

The first link will also show you how to create a custom recovery, then keep in touch

This comment has been removed by the author.

You'll need a custom recovery to flash the zip since one can disable signature checking with CWM recovery(Clockwork Mod)

pls how do i get that for n3 i mean clockwork mod

sAMM911 pls how do i get the clockwork mod...am waiting ur reply cos i tried to install a clockwork mod and it said signature verification failed... thanks in advance

My fone went off when i selected poot. Even if it poot, it says "writing su error" pls help

Please how can I reboot manually? My phone did not reboot automatically

BrainRex how can i use that 'romdump-brainrex.zip' you uploaded?...is the recovery.img for tecno n3 part of the file

I have followed all the steps mentioned above until i get the three options, i proceed and download super user and root checker but my phone is still not rooted according to root checker. Any suggestions please?

Pls brainrex i keep getting dis error: INVALID QT VERSION.

Which one should I go for:N3 or D3. pls your views needed.Thanks.

Brainex tanx pls i av been congratulated 4 rooting my phone but how can i intall any other applications on my phone
Cuz no more space on my phone and wanna share my memory card.pls help me out mr prof

BrainRex : i have download 'romdump-brainrex.zip' there is config.gz , system.info.gz , system.tar , boot.img , checksum.md5 , recovery.img....how will i now recover my tecno n3...pls....

to recover your tecno n3 take your phone to tecno customer care shop in ikeja...that is where i took mine and they did it for me free of charge.........

Pls I rooted my N3 after the second attempt and it was successful but i mistakenly did master reset and my phone is now unrooted and i have tried rooting it again but it to no avail pls what can i do to get it rooted again

Pls how can i put android 4.2 on my techno N3 thanks

is there a way to increase my internal memory fot apps cos am getting low on memory error

emergency help,am i to reboot d pone before i press here to poot or after ,bcos i did the 2 ,i press poot before i reboot d pone & it showed (2012 giantpune
[-] can't get a handle on it: -1 No such
file or directory
A demon materialised while pooting. Error
A demon materialised while pooting. Error
code: 18
su binary was not written) then i uninstalled &reinstalled both d poot & ministro &reboot d pone before i press poot & it showed(A demon materialized while pooting.Error code:87
su binary was not written
you need to restart your device) i restarted d device & press poot then it vibrated & switched off ,till now is still switching off ,i have reinstalled many times its still not working,NB:the device had never restarted on its own after updating lib.pls help am tied of this thing.

Hi,I appreciate your insights and the good information you have shared here. All points are significantly important for me and your article have helped me a great deal. Thank you and keep sharing
iphone apps

i bricked my techno n3 i want to get back to normal hw i bought d fone pls help @brain rex 07062206649

Thank u very much my brother

Brainrex pls can I ve ur number pls, its really urgent.... Pls

This is an amazing information..I am looking Android Applications for my android phone..

Please i need stock rom for Tecno N7

i also want to know how to boot m Tecno N7 i fastboot mode,note that my Usb debugging is off and i cant turn it on now

hey my tecno phone does not change appearance it does not even put a background if u know of how i can do it please send me the software that can make it out thanks
my email is kayosjose4@gmail.com

pls does anyone knows how to increase the internal memory on n3?

please and please any awesome method for tecno d3. i will be glad if i get it

any other method for rooting n3 ?cuz these seems lyk i'll try a million times to get it working

Brain rex your number is needed is me babadinho of guruslodge.com or call me 08062450674

Hello bros. Plss I really need ur help. I got my tecno n3 buh cnt configure it for etisalat browsin. Can yu plss tell me how τ̲̅ȍ do it. Plsss. Or yu flash me on 08164252303 α̲̅πϑ I will call yu bak. Flash me only if yu knw. Plsss. Or yu type it here. Plss help

guyz i successfully unbricked my tecno n3 without flashing bcoz b4 my fone kip bootlooping so i enterd d recovery mode nd did wipe catche nd reboot......evrytin works great now i hope i helped

i followed all dis steps but wen i press here 2 poot my fone jst off. it wont on unless i removed d ba3 bcos i left d fone wen it was off 4 more dan 20mins. So wat will i do nxt bro? tnx.

This blog is really awesome in all respects.
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Pls I tried to download games but my tecno d5 keep showing error911 what do I do??

Mine after pressing poot phone goes off, how many hourss does it take before coming up?

lol does that come with a free virus?

pls who can help and root tecno p3 for me paste ur number so i would contact you ,am read to pay for it

i have successfully rooted my n3. what next? i really want to overcome this low memory issue

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hey, tried on mine, but getting this error n telling me to restart device, whats the problem??

Thks i root my n3 wat next pls

plz can it work on tecno p3??

plz can it work on tecno p3??

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hi. can one tell me how to turn off startup tone on my Tecno n3s and how to control brightness before unlocking my Phone. I have controlled it after unlocking my security code.

I have rooted my p3 bt my phone hangs n most of d games re nt playin it hangs also plz i need help

Hi, after I saw the 3 buttons and D-Loaded Super User, I tried to poot again and it say " A Demon.............."
What do I do from here?

Hi, pls I just DLoaded "Root Checker" and it verified that I have access to root, which I want to bliv means that my root attempt was successful. So what do I do after this, Hw do I maximize my fone?
Please I need further explanations

Would it work on a mytouch 4g? Cause i'm getting this

2012 giantpune
[-] can't get a handle on it: -1 No such file or directory

A demon materialized while pooting. Error code: 18
Su binary was not written

I get the same error 18 on my Kyocera hydro

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